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I've Become An Expert...

Quarantine lock down day.... oh who knows... hard to keep track anymore amiright? Stores are still closed, gigs are still canceled, you can only eat outside (and its getting cold) oh, and my poor hair stylist has a lot of work to do once I get back into the salon!

But, again, being the positive person that I am, i've found time to do and learn things that I have been putting off forever! Piano for example, turns out, I really love playing it! I'm not great yet, and no I wont be putting out any classical masterpieces anytime soon, but Im getting pretty good at it. Practice absolutely makes perfect so Ive been setting aside time everyday to sit down and work on it. Maybe one day when i'm not so chicken i'll post something on my blog :)

Gardening is another one of those things that I know A LOT of us have been doing since the shutdown. and its fun, relaxing and Ive been enjoying eating the fruits of my labor. My tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin, basil, mint, and artichokes did amazing. It really does taste better when you grow it yourself! My lettuce, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, strawberries and cabbage were enjoyed by birds and neighborhood bunnies so Im glad I was able to provide them with such a delicious buffet for several months LOL

Home Improvement was another one of those things you just kinda put on the back burner and now that i've had the time, the whole front yard/driveway was designed and planted, the backyard was nothing but dirt, now its a beautiful green lawn my cats love to run around on. Been going room to room painting and putting up millwork and now were onto redoing our master closet. I'm learning tons from youtube. Lowes and Home Depot were places I used to dread growing I am the grown up and I practically LIVE there!

Anyhoo, thats what Ive been up to. I hope all of you are staying healthy, busy and safe. Send me a hello email and let me know what the quarantine has you doing :)

Katie XO

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