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Heading home from the Rod Stewart Tour :(

I can be sad right? I mean, I was gone for three and a half months and I REALLY missed American food, but I can still be sad it's over right? What an incredible way to spend the summer months... yeah, touring with Rod Stewart is exactly how you'd think it is... freaking AWESOME.

Lets put the actual tour aside for a minute. On my days off, I got to see places that I never thought I'd get to see. Walking around different cities, trying the local food, getting lost for a few hours while finding the best coffee I've ever tasted... until I was in the next city and THAT was the best coffee I ever tasted. It never got old. Getting to see the authentic Greek bath houses in Bath, Stonehenge, Cathedrals, Doolin Caves, Nottingham Caves, Wieliczka Salt Mines, Paris Catacombs, Auschwitz... I could go on (check my Instagram, I posted some amazing pictures of those places!)

So now lets talk about the show. The band would go to sound check, make sure it sounded perfect, then everyone would scurry off to go get ready for the show. Lots of hairspray and glitter.. and then BOOM, everyone was beautiful and ready for the two hour exciting show that Rod put on. Yes, two hours of Rods songs ranging from the early hits of the Faces to his newest album (Released just last year) Blood Red Roses.

The crowd sang every word. it was exciting, it was fun, Rod is excellent to watch and it made me so happy to be on stage with all of my talented band members. So yeah i'm sad, but I also am very excited to perform with him in Las Vegas in September!

Keep checking my website, Instagram and Facebook for more fun photos!

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