Holy Guacamole

What. An. Amazing. Event. Our show "Hot Country Nights" made its debut at the famous Viper Room last night and it was sooo good. We had beautiful line dancers, vocalist from Nashville, and of course, yours truly got up and sang some of my favorite songs. They even gave me my very own back up singer!

Eight musicians on stage including fiddle, piano, bass, guitar, rockin drummer. It was loud and it was fantastic. I started out with "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert to really get the crowd going and then I threw it back to early 2000s with Trick Ponys' "Pour Me". Followed that up with some Clare Dunn, Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith!

So much work for the past 3 months absolutely paid off. Now it was raining heavy outside, but that did not stop folks from coming in. We were packed all night! Over 2 hours and 40 minutes the band played without missing a beat. It was amazing to be a part of the first ever "Hot Country Nights".

See you at the next show!

Photo by: Roman France / www.Romanmf.com

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