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Staying Positive, But Still Bummed

Not that it's a total surprise to anyone but no more shows, at least for now. So many fun gigs coming up have all now rescheduled or cancelled. The last week of my shows with Rod Stewart were cancelled, I mean, all of Las Vegas got cancelled, it was such a bummer to not spend that last week with the band! I'm certain that everyone who made special trips out to come see Rod had to be so disappointed. We'll be back in October but that seems so far away from now :(

My band, Hot Country Nights, yep thats gone for now too. All that country music I've been saving up for will just have to wait a wee bit longer.

My other Pop/Rock band Double Shot is still set to play at Simi Valley's favorite dive bar Judge Roy Bean is still set to play on April 17th, so my fingers are crossed.

Yes, I've been behaving. I stay home, I wash my hands, I'm drinking lots of wine (They didn't say to do that, I just took it upon myself! LOL). I'm very positive that in a few weeks we can figure this out and no one else will get sick. For now, I've just been trying to finish projects around the house, practice piano, do a puzzle, write songs, go for little walks while practicing my social distancing. So am I bummed, yeah, absolutely, but I choose to stay positive. All of us will be out and about before we know it!


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