Glam Stix Lip Gloss

Say WHAT!!! My own line of glittery lip gloss! Yep you read that right. I've released four fabulous shimmering lip glosses colors that I absolutely LOVE. After finishing my Make Up Artist program OMA Academy, I wanted to combine my career of singing and Make Up to have something that I would personally wear on stage that really stood out. There's so much sparkle that it's hard to miss!

Creating Glam Stix was a labor of love. The colors are amazing, have a great scent, they’re very sheer with a smooth texture and non-sticky. I also reached out to world renowned Disney artist (and genius) James C. Mulligan who crafted my one of a kind my Glam Stix Girl!

Thank you all so much for the support. You can buy Glam Stix right here on my website OR when you see me at my next live show! Instagram: @mulliganjimmy Facebook: James C. Mulligan

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